6 Factors Of Cleaning

1. Chemicals

  • The type of cleaning agents and concentration levels will dictate chemical actions.
  • Chemicals will breakdown and emulsify soils as well as reduce static charge.
  • Certain chemicals assist in drying and shining the vehicle.

2. Temperature

  • The lower the temperature, the lower the viscosity.
  • As the temperature rises, less chemistry is required to do the same job.

3. Water Quality

  • Hard, soft, RO or reclaim water?
  • Hard water will decrease cleaning and create deposits.
  • For every 4 grains of hardness, you will need 4-10% more product for the same degree of cleaning.

4. Procedues

  • Chemical applications must be done in a specific order.
  • Directional nozzles must be placed correctly to maximize chemical coverage.
  • Air and water pressure settings must be maintained.

5. Time

  • Time needs to be carefully balanced between, chemicals on surface, temperature and mechanical action.
  • As dwell time increases (to a limit of diminishing returns), the cleaning power increases.

6. Systems

  • Mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems needed to deliver optimal performance.
  • Friction systems focus on cloth, brushes and bristles.
  • Touchless systems focus on water pressure and volume.