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Low pH Bug Removal



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Presoaks & Detergents
Vehicle Care
Dilution Ratio
300 : 1
Recommended Dosage (mils)
Proj. Applications
pH Level
Low pH
Runtime (min)1.00
Weight (lbs)
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An Ultra concentrated liquid high foaming low PH pre-soak formulated to remove petroleum and hydro-carbon based contaminates from tires, wheels and painted vehicle surfaces in one application. Utilizing the newest innovation of “Safe Acid.” Our safe synthetic acid functions like Hydrochloric Acid but without the immediate hazards!

• Economical
• High Foaming
• Free Rinsing
• Brightens Paint
• Environmentally Desirable (Eco Friendly)
• Enhances Drying

• At dillutions never before seen in the industry, washing up to IOX more trucks per gallon than most of the competitors products.
• Abundant foam provides complete vehicle coverage and excellent clinging time to surfaces.
• Synthetic detergents rinse freely and completely to help eliminate streaking.
• Can be applied with low or high-pressure, in hot or cold water. For best results, blend with treated water. Always rinse with high pressure water.
• Contains no Hydrofluoric Acid. Safer to users and equipment. Utilizing the newest Safe Acid technology.
• Removes residual alkalinity to enhance the performance of drying agents and clear coat protectants.
• Manipulates molecular polarity to maximize rinse aid effectiveness An excellent, economical vehicle wash formulated for low, and high-pressure applications. Highly effective on chrome, glass, and painted surfaces. Recommend to use air injection to boost foaming ability. Allow 10-15 seconds of dwell time. Recommended to be applied before any other pre-soak applications. Must be removed with medium or high-pressure water.

Types of Operations
• Tunnel Washes
• In-Bay Automatics
• Self Serve Washes

Type of Equipment
• Touchless Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Friction Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Pressure Washer Systems