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Low pH Cement Truck Pre-soak


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Commercial Products
Vehicle Care
Dilution Ratio
200 : 1
Recommended Dosage (mils)
Proj. Applications
pH Level
Low pH
Runtime (min)1.00
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An Ultra Concentrated liquid low pH Safe Acid concrete remover formulated to remove concrete build up on cement trucks, road film and bug residues from painted/ plastic vehicle surfaces (including aluminum and other metal equipment). Contains a patented corrosion inhibitor package and our Safe synthetic acid that functions like Hydrochloric acid but without the immediate hazards. Performs well in both treated and hard water. Completely biodegradable and phosphate-free.

• Modified to Dramatically Reduce Dermal Sensitivity
• Reduced Odor Applications
• Nearly Eliminated Fuming
. Anti-Corrosive

An excellent, economical cement truck wash formulated for low, and high-pressure applications. Highly effective on concrete build up, road film, and bug residue. Recommend to use air injection to boost foaming ability. Allow 10-15 seconds of dwell time.

Water Types
• Reverse Osmosis water
• Natural Water (City or Well) with high-pressure water.
• Soft water
• Structured Water

Types of Operations
• cement Truck washing
• Industrial Application in Oil, Gas and Mining

Type of Equipment
• Touchless Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Pressure washer System
• Manual Bucket washing