SmartFoamer Pro+ (911)

Low pH Commercial Pre-soak Flash Foam


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Bay Wall & Glass Cleaner
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Low pH
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An Ultra Concentrated flash foaming liquid truck and trailer low pH presoak formulated to effectively brighten all metal surfaces (chrome, stainless, and aluminum), remove petroleum and hydrocarbon based contaminants from all vehicle surfaces in a single application. Performs well in both treated and hard water. Utilizing the newest innovation of “Safe Acid.” Our safe synthetic acid functions like Hydrochloric Acid but without the immediate hazards of non-synthetic hydrochloric acids. Contains a blend of heavy-duty cleaning surfactants, patented corrosion inhibitor package, safe for all vehicle finishes. Can be used in full service and automatic Truck Wash systems, completely biodegradable and phosphate-free.

• Modified to Dramatically
• Nearly Eliminated Fuming
• Reduce Dermal Sensitivity
• Anti-Corrosive
• Reduced Odor

An excellent, economical cement truck wash formulated for low, and high-pressure applications. Highly effective on chrome, glass and painted surfaces. Recommend to use air injection to boost foaming ability. Allow 30-45 seconds of dwell time. Recommended to be applied before high PH pre-soak in touchless applications. Must be removed with high-pressure water.

Types of Operations
• Fleet Truck/Bus Washing Systems
• Truck Leasing Dealers
• Truck Washes
• Trian Washes

Type of Equipment
• Touchless Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines • Revers Osmosis Water
• Friction Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Pressure Washer Systems
• Manual Bucket Wash

Also works well as a wash bay wall and glass cleaner


Water Types
• Natural Water (city or well)
• Soft Water
• Structured Water