SmartFoamer (100)

Low ph Vehicle Pre-soak


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Vehicle Care
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Low pH
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An Ultra Concentrated liquid high foaming low PH pre-soak formulated to remove petroleum and hydro-carbon based contaminates from painted vehicle surfaces in one application. Utilizing the newest innovation of “Safe Acid.” Our safe synthetic acid functions like Hydrochloric Acid but without the immediate hazards!

• Economical
• High Foaming
• Free Rinsing
• Brightens Paint
• Environmentally Desirable (Eco Friendly)
• Saves time and labor

• At dilutions never before seen in the industry, washing up to IOX more vehicles per gallon than most of the competitors products.
• Abundant foam provides complete vehicle coverage and excellent clinging time to surfaces.
• Synthetic detergents rinse freely and completely to help eliminate streaking.
• Can be applied with low or high—pressure, in hot or cold water. For best results, blend with treated water. Always rinse with high pressure water.
• Contains no Hydrofluoric Acid. Safer to users and equipment.
• Removes residual alkalinity to enhance the performance of drying agents and clear coat protectants.
• Manipulates molecular polarity to maximize rinse aid effectiveness


An excellent, economical vehicle wash formulated for low, and high-pressure applications. Highly effective on chrome, glass, and painted surfaces. Recommend to use air injection to boost foaming ability. Allow 10-15 seconds of dwell time. Recommended to be applied before high pH pre-soak in touchless applications. Must be removed with medium or high-pressure water.

Types of Operations
• Tunnel Washes
• In-Bay Automatics
• Self Serve Washes

Type of Equipment
• Touchless Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Friction Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Pressure Washer Systems

Water Types
• Revers Osmosis Water
• Natural Water (city or well)
• Soft Water