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Medical Grade liquid based 80% v/v USP Ethanol Hand sanitizer to be used in conjunction with frequent hand washing or when hand washing is not an option. It is used to fight, reduce pathogens and illness.

• Our products are manufactured with USP monographed (third party tested and certified) Ethanol which meets pharmacopeia standards.
• Our formulas use only USP Grade Raw Materials
• Our products are manufactured at a CGMP accredited facility in accordance with 21CFR211 (FDA standards)

• Our products meet or exceed the World Heath Organization (WHO) guidelines
• Highly effective
• No bad yeisty or tequila smell
• Our product leave you hands feeling clean and silky. Not sticky or tacky!
• Costing contract can extend further out in time due to reduced volatility in the raws. Namely Ethanol vs IPA
• Our products are all registered with the FDA and all

Type of Equipment have distinct NDC number printed for each pack size.
• Bottle
• Our products are produced with Ethanol what has
• Bottle applicators extremely stable pricing, which enabling us to
• Mechanical Dispensers provide confirm price much further out in time than IPA
• Touch-less Dispensers