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Advance Grade Gel based 70% VIV USP Ethanol Hand sanitizer to be used in conjunction with frequent hand washing or when hand washing is not an option. It is used to fight, reduce pathogens and illness

• Our products are manufactured with USP monographed (third party tested and certified) Ethanol which meets pharmacopeia standards.
• Our formulas use only USP Grade Raw Materials
• Our products are manufactured at a CGMP accredited facility in accordance with 21CFR211 (FDA standards)

• Our products meet or exceed the World Heath Organization (WHO) guidelines
• Highly effective
• No bad yeisty or tequila smell
• Our product leave you hands feeling clean and silky. Not sticky or tacky!
• Costing contract can extend further out in time due to reduced volatility in the raws. Namely Ethanol vs IPA
• Our products are all registered with the FDA and all

Type of Equipment
have distinct NDC number printed for each pack size.
• Bottle
• Our products are produced with Ethanol what has
• Bottle applicators extremely stable pricing, which enabling us to
• Mechanical Dispensers provide confirm price much further out in time than IPA
• Touch-less Dispensers

• 6,500 Gallon Tankers
• 330-gallon Totes
• 55-gallon Drum
• 5-gallon Pails
. I-gallon Jugs
• 320z Bottle
• 160z Bottle
• 80z Bottle
• 40z Bottle
• 20z Bottle

We offer several lid configurations which include flat cap, flip top and pumps