SmartSoaker-Pro (920)

High pH Commercial Pre-soak


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High pH
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An Ultra Concentrated High pH liquid truck and trailer presoak formulated to degrease under the hood and under carriage, to remove exhaust deposits, road film and bug residues safely from all painted vehicle surfaces in a single application. Performs well in both treated and hard water. Contains a blend of heavy duty foaming stabilizers and cleaning surfactants. Can be applied in a pressure washer, foaming unit or by hand. Completely biodegradable and phosphate-free.

• Economical
• versatile
• Free Rinsing
• Environmental Desirable (Eco Friendly)
• Saves time and labor

• At dilutions never before seen in the industry, washing up to 10x more vehicles per gallon than most of the competitors products.
• Can be applied manually or with high- pressure, in hot or cold water. For best result, blend with treated water. Always rinse with water.
• Biodegradable detergents rinse freely and completely to help eliminate streaking.
• Contains no phosphates or solvents
• Cleans effectively, eliminates secondary manual brushing.

An excellent, economical truck and trailer wash formulated for low, and high-pressure applications. Highly effective on exhaust deposits, road film, and bug residue. Recommend to use air injection to boost foaming ability. Allow 30- 45 seconds of dwell time. Recommended to be applied after low pH pre-soak in touch-free applications. Must be removed with high-pressure water. Also to be used for friction.

Types of Operations
• Fleet Truck/Bus Washing Services
• Touchless Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Truck Leasing Dealers
• Truck Washes
• Train Washes

Type of Equipment
• Friction Drive-Thru and Gantry Machines
• Pressure Washer Systems

Water Types
• Reverse Osmosis Water
• Natural Water (City or well)
• Soft Water
• Structured Water